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Printed Circuit Board Panel Measuring Table

Printed Circuit Board Panel Measuring Table


The panel measuring table offers a quick determination of the etching distribution after differential etching processes or the plating build-up of copper surfaces. The measurements are carried out fully automatically by a resistive sensor after entering the input parameters.

Subsequently, the measuring points are evaluated by a PC and converted into a 3D diagram, statistics tool included.

  • Precise and repeatable: fully automated measurement avoids manual handling and operation error

  • Fast: 100 measuring points in 3.5 min

  • Flexible: accommodates variable panel formats

  • Quality control of etching and plating processes

  • Process drifts are easy to spot and to correct

  • Reduction of yield loss by early detection


Dimensions: 1200 x 1120 x 1210 mm (L x W x H)

Weight: 200 kg

Maximum panel size: 650 x 650 mm

Measuring range:

copper thicknesses 1 µm – 120 µm

Measuring tolerances:

0.1 µm – 10 µm

Cu layer 0.1 µm – 5 µm: ± 0.075 µm

Cu layer 5 µm – 10 µm: ±

5 µm – 120 µm

Cu layer 5 µm – 50 µm: ± 0.5 µm

Cu layer 50 µm – 80 µm: ±

Cu layer 80 µm – 120 µm: ±

Parameter Input:

  • Panel dimensions in X and Y direction

  • Measuring point distance from panel edge

  • Number of measuring points in X and Y direction

  • Expected measuring value

  • Measuring tolerance

  • Repeated measurements if measuring value is out of tolerance

  • Individual selection of measuring points

Data Output

  • Maximum and minimum value

  • Average value

  • Standard deviation

  • 3D and line diagrams with measuring report

  • CP and CPK analysis

  • All values stored in a SQL server (database)

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