PI Ceramic GmbH

PI Ceramic GmbH

Lindenstrasse 07589 Lederhose Germany

P-604 Compact PiezoMove Linear Actuator

P-604 Compact PiezoMove Linear Actuator

Fields of application

  • Nanopositioning

  • High-speed switching

  • Patch clamp

  • Microdispensing

  • Adaptive systems technology / automation

  • Photonics / integrated optics

  • Biotechnology

High guiding accuracy due to zero-play flexure guides

Flexure guides are free of maintenance, friction, and wear, and do not require lubrication. Their stiffness allows high load capacity and they are insensitive to shock and vibration. They are 100 % vacuum compatible and work in a wide temperature range.

Outstanding lifetime thanks to PICMA® piezo actuators

The patented PICMA® piezo actuators are all-ceramic insulated. This protects them against humidity and failure resulting from an increase in leakage current. PICMA® actuators offer an up to ten times longer lifetime than conventional polymer-insulated actuators. 100 billion cycles without a single failure are proven.

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