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E-536 PicoCube Piezo Controllers

E-536 PicoCube Piezo Controllers

PicoCube controller in two variants

The E-536 PicoCube controller has three extremely low-noise amplifier channels for high-volt shear actuators. The controller was specially designed to meet the requirements of extremely fast and high-resolution PicoCube XY(Z piezo scanners. The E-536 is offered in two variants for voltage ranges of -250V to +250 V and allows both static and dynamic applications. The performance-optimized E-536.3x for especially dynamic applications is able to output peak currents of 200 mA within a small signal bandwidth of 10 kHz. The E-536.3xH model variants with optimized resolution achieve a position resolution with the PicoCube lower than 0.03 nm at a peak power up to 50 W. Both variants are available for closed-loop and open-loop operation.

Higher precision due to capacitive sensors

The E-536.3C versions have an integrated sensor / servo controller for closed-loop operation. The position is controlled, for example by the PicoCube nanopositioning system with capacitive sensors, which then achieve a resolution to 0.1 nm.

Fields of application

  • Scanning probe microscopy

  • Atomic force microscopy

  • Scanning and screening

Highest resolution with high dynamics

Open-loop operation is ideal for applications where fast response times and very high resolutions are essential. The specification for position feedback in absolute values is either not significant or is done by external sensors, as is the case in atomic force microscopy. The P-363 PicoCube achieves a resolution of 0.05 nm and better.

Computer Control

The optional E-518 interface module allows control and position control via digital PC interfaces.

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