PI Ceramic GmbH

PI Ceramic GmbH

Lindenstrasse 07589 Lederhose Germany

P-882 – P-888 PICMA® Stack Multilayer Piezo Actuators

P-882 – P-888 PICMA® Stack Multilayer Piezo Actuators

Patented PICMA® Stack multilayer piezo actuators with high reliability

Operating voltage -20 to 120 V. Ceramic insulation, polymer free. Humidity resistance. Excellent temperature stability. UHV-compatible to 10-9 hPa, no outgassing, high bakeout temperature. Ideal for dynamic operation.

Flexible thanks to numerous designs. Encapsulated versions for operation in splash water or oil.

Custom designs with modified specifications

  • For high operating temperature up to 200 °C

  • Special electrodes for currents of up to 20 A

  • Variable geometry: Inner hole, round, rectangular

  • Ceramic or metal tips in many versions

  • Applied SGS sensors for positional stability

Fields of application

Industry and research. Cryogenic environment with reduced displacement. For high-speed switching, precision positioning, active and adaptive systems.

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