AVIT Hochdruck Rohrtechnik GmbH

AVIT Hochdruck Rohrtechnik GmbH

Manderscheidtstr. 86-88 D-45141 Essen, GERMANY

Steel Couplings

Steel Couplings
  • Standard pressure range for couplings—PN 160, PN 250, PN 315, PN 400
  • Couplings from nominal size 6 up to 50
  • Metric thread from M14x1,5 up to M60x2,0
  • Withworth thread from G ¼“ up to G 2“

These are pre-assembled AVIT tube couplings made of steel and stainless steel with cylindrical BSP threaded stud ends and sealings made of NBR in accordance with the technical terms of supply for tube couplings DIN 3859-1.

The steel surfaces of the AVIT steel couplings are galvanised (CrVI-free) acc. DIN 50979 or can be supplied manganese phosphatised acc. DIN EN ISO 9717 on request. Weldable parts are metallic bright and coated with an oil film to protect against corrosion.

The surfaces of AVIT stainless steel couplings (AISI 316Ti) are metallic bright. The union nuts are silver plated, for best assembly results also at any repeat assemblies.

All male couplings, welding couplings, reductions and flanges can be combined with each other.

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