Stainless Steel SAE Flanges

  • SAE flangesseries 3000 psi according to ISO 6162-1 up to 5“
  • SAE flangesseries 6000 psi according to ISO 6162-2 up to 2“


These are pre-assembled flanges complete with bolts (ISO 4762) and nuts (ISO 4032) and O-ring sealings made of NBR.

At SAE steel flanges, the surfaces of the flange heads made of S355J2 (1.0577) are metallic bright and coated with an oil film to protect against corrosion. SAE-split and one-piece flange clamps are galvanised. The bolts (nuts) are delivered in property class 8.8 (8), also galvanised.All SAE stainless steel flange (flange heads made of 1.4571) surfaces are metallic bright. Bolts (nuts) are delivered in property class A2-70 (A2).

Approvals & Certificates

Pressure retaining components and all weldable parts can be attested and traced regarding the raw material with additional costs. The type of certification has to be specified when the order is placed. 3.2 approvals are designated by the abbreviations used by their classification societies (for example DNV GL, LR).


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