AVIT Hochdruck Rohrtechnik GmbH

AVIT Hochdruck Rohrtechnik GmbH

Square Flanges Pipeline

  • AVIT high pressure flanges according to ISO 6163 / 6164 with centering
  • Nominal size from DN 32 up to DN 250.
  • Pressure range—PN 160, PN 250, PN 315, PN 400 and PN 500

These are pre-assembled flanges complete with bolts (ISO 4762) and nuts (ISO 4032) and O-ring sealings made of NBR.At AVIT steel flanges the surfaces of the flange heads made of S355J2 (1.0577) are metallic bright, square and round flanges Ø d ≤ 300 mm are manganese phosphatised acc. DIN EN ISO 9717. Both components are coated with an oil film to protect against corrosion. The bolts (nuts) for series 0-5 are delivered in property class 8.8 (8), galvanised, for series 6 in property class 10.9 (10).

All AVIT stainless steel flange (flange heads made of AISI 316Ti) surfaces are metallic bright. There is a facility for bolts (nuts) for series 0-5 in property class A2-70 (A2), for series 6 in property class 10.9 (10) with a zinc flake coating.

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