AVIT Hochdruck Rohrtechnik GmbH

AVIT Hochdruck Rohrtechnik GmbH

Manderscheidtstr. 86-88 D-45141 Essen, GERMANY

AboutAVIT Hochdruck Rohrtechnik GmbH

The advent of AVIT GmbH succeeded its preexistent mother company, ATI which was established in 1954, over six decades ago. Scarcely staffed, the organization was dedicated to designing and contriving a programme with pertinence to pipe connections in order to make it a customary standard within the realm of hydraulics across the globe.

The 24° sealing-cone screw connection was first conceptualised and developed in 1954. This innovation set the norm for a product line of screw connections which is still prevalent and accepted as a benchmark within the realms of the fluidics industry throughout the world.

After traversing the distance of more than 60 years, today AVIT comprises about seventy employees in its personnel, all collectively working towards proffering a secure high-pressure piping system.
The current production is endowed with sophisticated as well as contemporary CNC-turning machines which are regulated by a DNC-system. The entire procedural course of the manufacturing/production is administered by a quality management system in accordance with DIN/ISO thereby rendering all the AVIT components apposite to the dynamic needs of the industry.

AVIT has also been granted type approval certificates which are issued after a detailed scrutiny facilitated by renowned classification companies.

AVIT is committed to delivering the best possible services and products to meet the particular requirements of the industry players. That’s why, the arrangement of pipes, couplings, flanges as well as pipe clamps is done in entirety on request by the company engineers. This facilitates the client’s mounting requirements in accordance with the specifications of the site. Even the treatment and coating of the pipes are performed by AVIT as per the client’s preferences, thus, deeming the whole process easily customizable as well as feasible.

The firm takes over in totality to proffer the most wholesome and satisfying service with the assurance of superior quality.

AVIT GmbH primarily manufactures first-rate “made in Germany” screw pipe connections for installations.

The organization primarily furnishes screw pipe connections, square flanges, SAE flanges, flanged joints, pipe swivel joints, multi-channel rotary transmission lead-throughs as well as high-pressure pipes. Pipes including elbows and pipe clamps which match a placed order can also be manufactured to the client’s liking and preference.

Following are some of the most prolific and popular products proffered by AVIT GmbH: