9F-3, No.31, Lane 169, Kang-Ning St., Hsi-Chih, New Taipei City, Taiwan 22180


UNI•QB is a 3D construction set for industrial and lab applications requiring strength and precision. The kit includes innovative, patent-pending solid cubes and beams that are CNC-machined or molded from a high-grade metal alloy.

With UNI•QB, you can assemble the skeletal structure of your creation from our beams and cubes, then design and print your small custom parts on your desktop printer. This is quick, inexpensive, and the resulting structure is exceptionally robust.

As with many inventions, UNI•QB was born of necessity. Tibbo needed a way to speed up the creation of manufacturing fixtures and props, and I just couldn’t seem to find the right way of building them fast and cheap.  Now all our robotic fixtures, like the one shown on the right, are made with this new approach. We assemble the bulk of our manufacturing props from beams and cubes of the kit, then add specialized parts fabricated on a low-cost desktop 3D printer.

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