Movomech AB

Movomech AB

Kabelvägen 9291 62 KristianstadSweden

AboutMovomech AB

Movomech AB develops and manufactures a wide range of lifting products – from a first-class crane system in aluminium to complete material handling solutions with advanced lifting manipulators and tailor-made gripping tools.

More than 30 years at the forefront

Movomech is a complete supplier of products and solutions for professional lifting and manual handling. And has been since 1986.

Our employees consist of people who are characterised by the typical Swedish qualities of inventiveness, pride and a belief that cooperation is the key to success. This way of thinking is reflected in our products.

In all businesses with lifting needs

Thanks to our extensive product portfolio, we are active in most industries with lifting and material handling needs, both in Sweden and internationally.

Our customers are found in the wood industry, mechanical industry, warehousing and logistics centers, automotive industry, printing and graphic industry, house and furniture manufacturing, chemical industry, automotive repair shops, food industry, research facilities and laboratories, and more.

Through close collaboration between experienced tool-builders and skilled designers, we have over the years developed a unique approach and know-how. Our focus lies on creating optimal lifting solutions for each individual assignment and meet the customer’s needs.

Productivity, ergonomics and safety

Movomech’s ergonomic lifting equipment increase production efficiency and flexibility, helping to eliminate the risk of strain injuries to production personnel.

With solid industry experience and cutting-edge knowledge in lifting technology and production ergonomics, we continuously develop our products for safe, sustainable and efficient material handling.

We deliver turnkey solutions

Our delivery commitment often includes complete turnkey solutions with the entire chain from analysis and design, dimensioning and manufacturing to installation and service.

As a customer, this offers you both convenience and peace of mind!

Quality and environment

Movomech is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Concern for the environment is part of our culture and quality improvement an integral part of our business. Minimal environmental impact is a key part of all our manufacturing and forms part of the strategic work.