Gunnebo Industrier Holding AB

Gunnebo Industrier Holding AB

Vasagatan 20A, SE-722 15 Västerås, Sweden

AboutGunnebo Industrier Holding AB

Gunnebo Industries is an international company, active all over the world. We are global leaders in several areas within the lifting- and material handling industry for which we manufacture products such as crane blocks, wire rope sheaves, chain & lifting components, shackles and lashing products. Our products are well known and established on the market as a premium product with outstanding safety.

Global footprint
Gunnebo Industries is truly global, having head office in Sweden, manufacturing units in three countries and sales companies in ten countries. In addition to this we have distributing partners in more than 50 countries, making our products available in every part of the world.

Our factory in Tulsa, USA, manufactures crane blocks, sheaves, overhaul balls and related products to the demanding oil and gas industry and the OEM crane industry amongst others.

In Sweden and Norway we manufacture chain, lifting components and shackles. In 2013 a brand new factory, located in Växjö, Sweden, was opened. The new factory is a significant investment for Gunnebo Industries and will contribute to a more streamlined production process, resulting in shorter lead times, more efficient R&D and increased availability for the customers.

Gunnebo Industries’ success has been driven by a strong focus on innovation and high quality products, designed for the best functionality and highest safety. Through the years we have developed many of the products that are today’s standard.

Expensive property and even people’s lives could be at risk if lifting equipment malfunctions and therefore we make sure that products leaving our factories are of the highest quality and fulfill applicable safety standards. The production process at Gunnebo Industries is, from several aspects, unique. We manufacture in accordance with the major standards and all products are marked for full traceability, all the way back to the raw material.

As another example, every chain link and individual lifting components manufactured are proof loaded to a minimum of 2 times the working load limit and visually inspected by our competent personnel.

We provide peace of mind to our customers.

Strength Through Innovation Since 1764

Gunnebo Industries was founded in 1764 in Gunnebo in the Småland province of southern Sweden.

The company originally manufactured nails, belts, bolts and iron for shipbuilding. Production of screws, chains and iron wire (which was refined to machine wire) began in the mid-1800s. In the 1850s and 1860s, the old hammer works was converted to a modern engineering works. The company's operations gradually expanded to include lifting and other products.

The company was quoted on the Stockholm Stock Exchange in 1903. During a highly expansive period, sales rose from SEK 20 million at the time of the Second World War to more than SEK 1 billion in the late 1980s. In 1988, management bought out the company from the stock exchange. In 1995-2005 Gunnebo Industries was a division of the security group Gunnebo AB.

Between 2005 and 2008 Gunnebo Industries was back on the Stockholm Stock Exchange as an individual company.

Gunnebo Industries has experienced both organic and acquisitive growth since 1995. Among the acquisitions are OFA in Finland (1997), Anja (2001) and Tellefsdal's traction division (2003) in Norway, Telesteps (2005), and Farrell O´Brien in Ireland (2006). Clark Tracks in Scotland, Christiania Spigerverk in Norway and EmiSafe in the United Arab Emirates were acquired in 2007.

In July 2008 the private equity firm Segulah acquired Gunnebo Industries.

In 2012 Gunnebo Industries was divided in to 3 standalone companies;

Gunnebo Industries AB (Lifting & Blocks)
GBO Fastening Systems AB (Fastening & Telesteps)
Nordic Tractions AB (Non skid)
Strength through innovation since 1764