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FerRobotics Compliant Robot Technology GmbH is a global leader in the development and sale of sensitive and intelligent robot elements. As a technology leader, our customers and partners trust in our top-class expert knowledge and our in-depth experience in flexible automation. With the patented Active Compliant Technology we deliver versatile solutions that help robots develop a feeling for perfection - for every conceivable task of surface processing and contact-sensitive handling. As the world market leader in sensitive robotics, we seamlessly and surprisingly close automation gaps. Our unique products stand for maximum benefit, optimum cost-effectiveness and guaranteed process reliability.



We deliver solutions that help robots develop a sense of perfection - for every conceivable task. With the Active Compliant technology we equip robots with tactile sensitivity and thus close quality-relevant automation gaps. Because what is valuable needs to be treated with care. What wants to inspire must be perfect. Therefore, robots are needed that can dose their power and adapt to a surface at the moment of contact. Only in this way can automation processes achieve results that meet the highest quality standards. And because we are convinced that outstanding quality makes the difference, we only ensure the best production results.