Estone Technology

Estone Technology

2900 Carskaddon Ave, Toledo, OH 43606

AboutEstone Technology

Estone Technology is a leading design and manufacturing company for rugged computing solutions, founded by a group of seasoned industrial PC veterans with over 20 years of experience.  Products of focus include rugged tablet PCs, medical tablet PCs, industrial panel PCs, and embedded computer systems and custom solutions with similar form factors.  We also create complete solutions which include hardware, software, device management and mobile applications.

We have offices in the US, Europe and Asia which allow us to service customers on a global scale.  We work closely with our customers to design and provide top quality products and strengthen relationships through service.  Estone Technology is one of the only manufacturers in the world that provide end-to-end solutions with top notch support.

We leverage the newest computing technology to service the vertical markets of healthcare, transportation, field service, military, oil & gas, hospitality, and more. Partnering with industrial leaders such as Intel, Microsoft, and ARM allows us to provide a wide range of computing products to clients worldwide. Our established sales and support facilities with ISO9001 and ISO13484 certification in North America, Europe and Asia also support these efforts.