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10” Rugged Medical Grade Windows Tablet PC - MD-100M

10” Rugged Medical Grade Windows Tablet PC - MD-100M

Medical Tablet Computers for EMR/EHRs, mHealth, and More

Estone Technology is a leader in medical grade tablet computers and mHealth tablet solutions for all healthcare settings. We offer a variety of medical tablet pc sizes, styles, and features to suit the needs of any hospital, healthcare setting, or medical equipment manufacturer. Don’t see the sizes or features that you require? We design and manufacture custom tablet solutions too! 

10” Rugged Medical Grade Windows Tablet PC | MD-100M

Take control of any situation with the expertly designed MD-100M Rugged Tablet. This go-anywhere tablet features our best combination of Field-and-Office design specs and options, including an incredibly fast Apollo or Kaby Lake Intel processor, drop in docking, long-life, swappable batteries, and an array of great tools and security features – all in a MIL-STD-810G Rugged and Waterproof tablet.

Key Features

  • 10” Rugged Medical Tablet PC
  • Intel Apollo Lake
  • Win 10 or Linux OS
  • Optional Barcode Reader, Card Reader & RFID
  • Hot-Swappable Battery for Unlimited Runtime
  • Full IP65 Water & Dust Protection
  • 4ft Drop/Shock Protection (MIL-STD-810G)
  • Optional Outdoor LCD Display (800NIT)

Antimicrobial Housing

MD-100M Medical Grade Tablets are designed specifically for healthcare. Powerful, lightweight, durable design and antimicrobial enclosure combine to give you the ideal tool for healthcare environments. Medical grade tablets are antimicrobial to prevent the spread of harmful microbes and are IP65 rated so they can be regularly disinfected without damaging the unit.

Incredible Integrated Security

Protect access to sensitive data, record signatures, approvals, equipment, and freight sign-ins and sign-outs with several integrated security features. There is no need for a team in the field to remember or enter passwords with a fingerprint scanner that can be used to activate the tablet, digital signatures, and much more. And with an available SmartCard reader, you can be assured the tablet can’t be accessed by an uncleared individual.

Powerful Computing

The tablet features the newest Intel 7th generation low power Apollo Lake N4200, plus 8GB or 16GB RAM, and up to 512GB of internal SSD storage. It is extremely powerful and energy efficient.

Extremely Clear, Bright 10.1″ LCD Display for Use Anywhere

The tablet features a bright, high definition LCD – perfect for a medical imaging display. 7H+ chemically hardened glass resists scratches from any debris. The tablet also offers optional sunlight readable LCD (800NIT) for outdoor/full sunlight usage. The multi-touch screen supports up to 10 contact points or an included digitizer pen for accurate note-taking and markup.

Fully Rugged and Waterproof Tablet

Planned and designed for every wear and tear situation, the MD-100 tablet exceeds expectations for what a durable office-and-field tablet should be. It is fully MIL-STD-810G Standard compliant and is able to sustain drops of up to 4ft, heavy shocks and vibration, impacts, static discharge, and more. With its IP-65 rated waterproof, MD-100M is resistant against water, dirt, dust, and humidity and can tackle any industrial tasks and applications.

Integrated Stylus or Optional Digitizer Pen

The MD-100M comes standard with a stylus pen, which can be used to keep the screen fingerprint free and prevent users from tapping the screen with other objects that can damage the touchscreen. The optional digitizer pen provides precise signature capture and allows you to maneuver through apps with ease. The digitizer pen also includes a button on the side for added functionality. A convenient storage location is built-in to the handle and the digitizer or stylus can be tethered to the tablet to prevent misplacement.

Integrated Barcode Scanner, RFID, and Tracking Tools

Scan in and out paperwork, inventory, tools, and supplies – even verify security badges and area access with available integrated sensors like barcode scanners and RFID readers. Estone Technology is committed to providing the absolute best in integrated tools and utilities.

Hot-Swappable Battery

With Hot-Swappable Battery, the MD-100 rugged tablet can be running without interruption rather than having to stop for a battery recharge.  The device has no downtime, it can be used for as long as needed, given that there are enough charged batteries on hand. The battery also has a long life span and can be charged at a power station, maximizing your productivity in all conditions.

Unlimited Wireless Connectivity

Take the entire office with you, no matter where you go in the field, with complete wireless connectivity, including WiFi and blazing-fast 4G LTE connectivity, adaptable for your choice of one or more carriers. Never be out of touch or unable to access the information you need.

Drop-In Docking & Extreme Portability

When you’re not on the move, drop the tablet into the dock to use as a panel PC and keep the battery always charged up. Grab the tablet up by the molded grip handle to go wherever you need. Running short on battery power? Remove the hot-swappable main battery and carry on, without ever missing a beat.

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