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AboutCUBE CZ sro

We are one of the leading established Czech manufacturers of printed circuit boards with a 30-year tradition of manufacturing single-layer and double-layer boards and more than a 20-year tradition of manufacturing multilayer printed circuit boards. We specialize in comprehensive deliveries: DESIGN - MANUFACTURE - FITTING including final TESTING, even on EXPRESS DATES. WE WORK WITH THE WORLD'S LEADING SUPPLIERS OF MATERIALS AND TECHNOLOGIES. WE PARTICIPATE IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF FLAT CONNECTION BOARDS FOR SPECIAL APPLICATIONS. WE SUPPLY TO IMPORTANT EUROPEAN DEVELOPMENT CENTERS.CUBE CZ

The company CUBE CZ, s.r.o. is a leading Czech manufacturer of printed circuit boards with more than 30 years of tradition.

  •  The company was founded on February 1, 1998. The head office, including its own operation for the production of printed circuit boards, is located at the foot of the Jizera Mountains, approximately 25 km from Liberec, in the town of Hejnice in the Ferdinandov district. The production of printed circuit boards has a long tradition in Ferdinand. The new company was founded for the purpose of taking over, renewing and developing the production of printed circuit boards with the aim of building a leading position among manufacturers of printed circuit boards on the Czech and mainly European markets.
  • The intention of the company's management is to build a production specializing in high-quality and demanding printed circuit boards for development in express terms, from prototypes to serial production. To achieve the set goals, CUBE CZ uses the long-term experience of the company's management from the environment of Western European markets. The basic philosophy is a complete focus on customer requirements and maintaining the highest quality standards.
  • We provide a comprehensive service from the design of the printed circuit board, its production and optimization, with subsequent installation including follow-up testing. And all this in express terms. We manufacture single-layer, double-layer and mainly multi-layer printed circuit boards, including boards designed for demanding applications; for example with controlled impedance. In addition to specializing in the production of demanding printed circuit boards (for example HDI - high interconnection density, with µBGA, Blind, Buried or Filled vias), we also offer the production of large-capacity orders.
  • As a professional technical support for our customers, we are ready to offer advice regarding their design and construction, as well as other aspects related not only to their production, but also to their installation, within the framework of the development of printed circuit boards. An integral part of the company is the quality department, which assesses the condition of the products we manufacture in our own material laboratory. In the same way, he expertly evaluates possible defects on printed circuit boards.
  • In order to maintain the highest quality standards in our company, we are constantly improving the already established management system. The CUBE CZ company has an established and functional ISO ČSN EN 9001:2016 quality management system with confirmation from the international certification authority IQNet. 
  • Our strategy is to focus on customer needs with a high quality product. The CUBE CZ company owns and continuously defends the internationally recognized UL standards of the American Underwriters Laboratories for its products since 1998. All printed circuit boards produced by us are also fully compliant with the RoHS and REACH Directives.
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