Contrel Elettronica Srl

Contrel Elettronica Srl

via San Fereolo, 9 26900 Lodi (LO) Italy

AboutContrel Elettronica Srl

Contrel is an Italian company founded in 1985 and has been active in the field of development and production of electronic protection relays, systems for the efficient use of electricity, and energy measurement for over 25 years.

Contrel offers integrated solutions in multiple market segments, including infrastructure, industrial processes, transport and telecommunications, data centers, offices.

Engaged in the production of electronic protection relays, energy management systems, energy measurement devices, power analyzers, temperature monitoring devices, insulation monitors for industrial and hospital use.

Electronic contrel

  • Company on the market for over 25 years

  • Maximum flexibility

  • Product know-how on the global market

  • Several market sectors

  • Quick and professional customer support

  • Quality standards

  • ISO 9001 certification

Contrel's management follows a policy based on the concept of dynamic quality. The purpose of this policy is to guarantee total satisfaction for all our customers. Ultimately, the measure of quality is customer satisfaction. Contrel uses a high rate of innovation and equipment made with the most modern production technology.

Our markets are: Energy and Infrastructures, Industry, Data Centers and Networks, Buildings, Residential. Contrel's customers greatly appreciate the quick and professional support and easy use of the products and systems provided. The company is located in northern Italy near the Milan airport and this offers an excellent logistical connection that reduces the delivery time of products and logistics services all over the world.

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