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B&W Engineering Corp.

3303 Harbor Blvd #E-1 Costa Mesa, Californa 92626

AboutB&W Engineering Corp.

B&W Engineering’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has never been greater.

Jack Brown, founder of B&W Engineering Corp. was an inspired engineer with dozens of patents before the PIND including the first single point mount of a phonograph cartridge for American Microphone in the 1940s, giving a competitive edge over the 2 point mount in use worldwide. Hundreds of thousands were produced and sold with a higher profit margin. Another benchmark was the development of the “Auto Pilot” by Bill Lear in the 1950s. Jack was his protégé and went on the first flight demonstration to the USAF where Jack had been a Radar Engineer during WWII making the rank of Master Sergeant.

When Jack encountered particle problems while serving as chief engineer at an electronic components manufacturer of space and military products in the 1970s, he designed the optimum PIND system with a patented co-test shock apparatus that truly shocks simultaneously with vibration that keeps even the smallest particles moving long enough to be detected and a degaussing magnet to allow detection of ferrous particles that would otherwise be immobilized by the magnetic field of the shaker.

Headquartered in Costa Mesa, California, B&W Engineering was founded in 1976 by Jack Brown and Hubert White. Garry Black Joined B&W Engineering in 1981 and became President in 1986. Charting his own course for the future, Garry has driven B&W to produce high-reliability quality products by providing best in class environmental testing solutions.

As a member of the Institute of Environmental Sciences (IES) and the International Society of Hybrid Microelectronics (ISHM) Garry has tirelessly pursued the study of microelectronic assembly, electronic reliability, and electro-mechanical engineering. Hundreds of systems later, B&W Engineering continues to innovate and adapt to the needs of our customers providing both commercial-off-the-shelf best in class systems as well as delivering one-off custom configurations.

B&W Engineering is committed to delivering quality and leveraging emerging technologies and techniques to deliver low cost, high performance systems. Today, consistent with our founders’ vision to be best in class, B&W Engineering manufactures the top performing high reliability and environmental test equipment produced in the world. Our reputation is unparalleled for Particle Impact Noise Detection (PIND), Shock, and Vibration test systems all compliant with MIL-STD-883, MIL-STD-750, MIL-STD-202, CECC6500 and many other industry standards for high reliability testing.

  • Notable Projects
  • F16 Joystick FOD detection #2 washer
  • Navy standard 500Lb missiles guidance components
  • Phalanx shipboard gun turrets component PIND testing
  • Space Shuttle main engine thrust sensors particle size estimation   
  • Cassini Satellite modal analysis
  • JPL mini gyroscopes in vacuum chamber modal analysis with laser vibrometer
  • Photonic couplers, splitters, switchers, connectors monitor performance during shock & vibration while powered
  • Completed satellites detect #4 washer in transceiver
  • Night vision devices particle detection
  • Auto emissions control device detect loose carbon pellets.