ASEM S.r.l.

ASEM S.r.l.

Via Buia, 4 - 33011 Artegna (UD) Italy

AboutASEM S.r.l.

Founded in 1979 by Renzo Guerra, ASEM has actively participated in the evolution of digital information technologies, continuously anticipating market changes and gaining an important heritage of expertise.

ASEM is operating in the markets of Industrial Automation, Test, Measurement with a complete range of industrial PCs and monitors and a complete range of HMI, control (PAC - Programmable Automation Controller), remote assistance, and Industrial IoT gateways, based on x86 (PC) and ARM hardware platforms and UNIQO, Premium HMI, UBIQUITY and CODESYS® SoftPLC and SOFTMOTION software platforms.

ASEM is characterized by its own hardware, firmware, software, mechanical and system design capability, and by the ability to manage all the phases of the production process on its own, including the assembly and soldering of the electronic boards. The complete domain of hardware and software technologies allows ASEM the maximum flexibility in realizing also products and systems customized for specific customer needs.

ASEM has been one of the pioneers in the technological and digital integration between the worlds of Information & Communication Technologies (I.C.T.) and Industrial Automation, a forerunner in the application of digital technologies and the guidelines at the basis of the fourth industrial revolution called "Industry 4.0", and is today one of the emerging companies in the European Industrial Automation market. ASEM is one of the few, if not the only, medium-sized European companies able to develop and dominate on its own all the driving technologies of the "Industry 4.0" revolution.

Today ASEM has a staff of 219 people, 30% of whom are dedicated to R&D activities.


On April 30, 2020, the purchase of 100% of the shares making up the share capital of ASEM by Rockwell Automation S.r.l., a company belonging to the American group Rockwell Automation Inc., a leading player operating in the industrial automation sector with headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA), was completed. The company employs more than 23,000 people, has customers in more than 80 countries, and 2019 sales of $6.7 billion. Given the complementarity between ASEM and the group in terms of products/systems and business approach, through the global organization of Rockwell Automation ASEM will have the opportunity to grow faster and spread its products and solutions worldwide. Within the group, all possible synergies will be deepened and implemented, but, in addition to providing its products in brand label with Rockwell Automation ASEM will continue to operate on the market independently, with the current management, the current staff, and the current sales organization in Italy and abroad, ensuring all customers in absolute continuity the features that until now have shown to appreciate, such as flexibility, a wide range of configurable and customizable products/systems and software solutions based on "Open & Standard" technologies, and fast delivery times, support and after-sales services.