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FK90 fire damper

FK90 fire damper

FK90 fire damper,

series FK92

  • maintenance-free

  • CE mark

  • Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

  • hygiene certificate

  • Can be combined with the BS2 Wildeboer-Net

Product Information

Maintenance-free FK90 fire dampers comply with the European product standard EN 15650 and have the CE mark. The FK92 series can be used for a fire resistance of 30/60/90/120 minutes.

The universal installation options in, on and away from solid walls and ceilings, as well as in and away from metal stud walls, in fire walls and shaft walls with and without metal stand, in walls and ceilings made of wood (...) , in ceilings with steel frames provide maximum planning security , The installation is possible with horizontal and vertical butterfly valve leaf axis. The Luftanströmrichtung can be done from each port side. FK90 fire dampers are suitable for connection to ventilation ducts, also made of combustible building materials. With a protective grille on both sides and in conjunction with a smoke extraction device , the FK90 fire damper can also be used for overflow openings (...) (Ü-FK). A version for commercial kitchens (...)is also available. Sizes are available in 5 mm increments from 200 mm x 200 mm to 1,500 mm x 800 mm (W x H) or up to 1,000 mm x 1,000 mm.

The airtight housing, with the tightness class C according to EN 1751, is made of galvanized steel, with abrasion-resistant calcium silicate damper blade. The encapsulated tripping elements trigger temperature at 70 ° C or 95 ° C. The drive units can be operated manually or electrically and are also available in explosion-proof design.

This product has an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) (...) , is certified with a hygiene certificate (...) and complies with the ATEX Directive 2014/34 / EU.

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