Portable Hydraulic Tester

The Webster DHM 3 Series Digital Hydraulic Multimeter is a fully digital portable hydraulic tester designed to test the performance of hydraulic pumps, motors, valves and hydrostatic transmissions. The easy-to-use design of such portable hydraulic testers, allow the operator to just switch on and test, without a complex setup or special training.

The DHM hydraulic tester measures flow, pressure and temperature. In addition, the DHM holds the peak pressure value as well as calculating hydraulic power and volumetric efficiency using the unique P-Q test button.

The DHM hydraulic portable tester is the ideal tool for pinpointing hydraulic system faults, reducing downtime, and helping in preventative maintenance. The design builds on the very successful Webster DHT range of portable hydraulic testers with the addition of a large digital display and a built-in pressure transducer.

The turbine flow meter with built-in loading valve is bi-directional and specifically designed to enable the operator to simulate the maximum working pressure safely during normal machine operation.

All Webster portable hydraulic testers have safety discs built-in to protect the operator and the tester in the event of excessive pressure, allowing oil to bypass the loading valve internally with no spillage of oil from the hydraulic circuit, thus eliminating any danger to the operator or environmental hazards.

Our hydraulic portable testers combine excellent product quality, both in terms of accuracy and reliability

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