Hydraulic Test Equipment

Webtec has specialised in hydraulic flow test and measurement equipment for years: designing, manufacturing and calibrating flow meters that use three core technologies: turbine, variable orifice and gear. In addition, Webtec's hydraulic test equipment focuses on combining excellent product quality, both in terms of accuracy and reliability, with ruggedness suitable for field use on mobile and industrial machinery. While flow measurement is their core strength, Webtec has also developed complementary products to measure hydraulic pressure, temperature, shaft speed, power and pump volumetric efficiency. Hydraulic test equipment from Webtec is popular due to its simple and easy operation.

Webtec's portable testers allow to easily and safely simulate operating conditions using the built-in load valve to help pinpoint the fault. The DHCR tester, being used with two flow meters and a phototach can measure flow, pressure, temperature and speed. For safety, these testers include the unique INTERPASS(R) protection system. In the event of over-pressurisation, burst discs built-in to the load valve safely bypass oil internally through the valve and back to tank and not externally into the environment or onto a user.

Webtec has a policy of innovation and continuous improvement that has led to unique features such as the bi-directional pressure balanced load valve, internal burst discs and simplified controls.

Webtec specialises in re- calibration of all hydraulic test equipment, whether from the Webtec range or another manufacturer's. Our centre is equipped for electronic and mechanical repair work with flow, pressure and temperature calibration facilities in the hydraulic test equipment.

Applications of hydraulic test equipment

Applications of hydraulic test equipment on mobile machinery include research and development testing; pump testing, fault-finding and preventative maintenance. On industrial equipment, key applications of hydraulic test equipment are condition monitoring and fault-finding on hydraulic and lubrication systems.

Hydraulic Test Equipment

Webtec marks 50 years with Special Edition all gold2014 with a brand new gold wrapped hydraulic tester!

It has been 50 years since the company was founded as a joint venture between Webster Electric and Applied Power in 1964. The original company was called Tektro-Webster and assembled hydraulic pumps and valves for the European market using parts supplied from the USA.

Fast forward 50 years and Webtec is now a private company and has invested heavily in manufacturing as well as new product development in both hydraulic control valves and hydraulic test equipment, in particular oil flow measurement.

To mark this very special 'Golden' landmark, Webtec has produced a special edition portable hydraulic tester, wrapped in gold rather than Webtec's traditional blue. The portable hydraulic tester was first introduced by the company in 1971 and the design has evolved considerably over the years and is now often the 'tool of choice' amongst service technicians and hydraulic engineers world-wide for pump testing and hydraulic fault-finding of mobile and industrial systems to quickly isolate faults and prevent costly downtime.

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