Hydraulic Data Logger HPM4000 series

Webtec releases the all-new HPM4000 series, an ideal entry-level data logger for a hydraulic service engineer.

The brand new HPM4000 series hydraulic data logger, the latest addition to Webtec's popular HPM range is targeted at users who carry out hydraulic pre-dispatch inspection, preventive maintenance and simple diagnostic fault-finding.

The HPM4000 series is a very cost-effective solution, ideal for measuring, displaying and recording a number of hydraulic parameters so that the data can be easily transferred to a computer for further analysis, using the seventh generation HPMComm Windows™ software, supplied free-of-charge.

The HPM4000 series data loggers enable a hydraulic service engineer to measure flow, pressure and temperature, capture peak values, display power and differential pressure as well as log the readings at the touch of a button. The data logger has a backlit four-line 3.5" display and Nano-USB stick as standard and still fits in the palm of your hand, weighing just 540g.

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