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Disinfection Equipment

Disinfection Equipment

Various methods are used for the disinfection of drinking water, swimming pool and swimming pool water, industrial water, cooling water and waste water. They differ in the structure of the apparatus and the type of chemicals used.

Our systems provide for optimum water quality through precise disinfection. Here we bring our knowledge and experience to provide the best solution - both technically and economically.

The compact solution

Chlorine dioxide is widely accepted as an effective oxidant in water treatment and is used for a range of purposes including the prevention of Legionella.

Chlorine dioxide has a high disinfectant effect. It is even effective with high pH values which would render chlorination ineffective. The odour threshold of chlorine dioxide is higher than that of chlorine and it has a longer usage life in tap water. Chlorine dioxide is thus much better suited for use in complicated piping.

EASYZON 5 is a compact system for local and highly stable production of chlorine dioxide. The concentrated basis solution is generated locally and is still effective after a storage time of 24h.

The correct dosage of disinfection

The system works in batch mode in accordance with the acid-chlorite procedure and uses conventional concentrations of hydrochloric acid and sodium chlorite. Optimal reaction conditions are ensured via the filling level control and the agitator in the reactor.

Peristaltic pumps ensure reliable conveyance of the chemicals. Every process step is monitored by the control. If necessary, this also monitors the ambient air using an optional ClO² ambient air sensor.

An optimised reaction procedure enables the production of a very stable chlorine dioxide solution which corresponds to the requirements of DIN EN 12671.

• High product stability
• Compact, pre-assembled unit
• Integrated monitoring of all functions
• Full availability
• Supply of multiple injection points from one system

The compact one
Chlorine dioxide system EASYZON® 5
Scope of delivery

EASYZON 5 is mounted on a wall station using the following components:
• Control unit with peristaltic pumps
• Reactor
• Solenoid valve
• Product tank
• Activated carbon cartridge
• MAGDOS LK 4 dosing pump (dosing pressure max. 8 bar) for
chlorine dioxide solution
• Back-pressure and pressure relief valve
• Pulsation dampener

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