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Lutz-Jesco Safetychlormix

Lutz-Jesco Safetychlormix

Easy and safe handling of calcium hypochlorite Precise adjustment of the chlorine concentration Low investment costs and space requirements No refilling and turning of the container necessary Delivery container available with 25 l and 60 l capacity Containers with UN approval for calcium hypochlorite Calcium hypochlorite in the highest quality High storage stability Insoluble constituents remain for the most part in the container Only very low chlorate formation, even under unfavorable storage conditions Meets all the minimum requirements of the technical regulations A clever alternative to the stationary solution

The no. 1 priority for drinking water suppliers is the uninterrupted supply of drinking water which satisfies the legal quality requirements. Emergency chlorine supply units are required to avoid contamination of the drinking water following accidents or  catastrophes, thereby permitting an uninterrupted water supply.

Lutz-Jesco has developed a mobile emergency chlorine supply unit for a range of systems and procedures subject to the risk of outage, which stores the disinfectant in a stable fashion.

To prevent microbial contamination, the mobile emergency chlorine supply unit can also be used for disinfection during the commissioning of newly-installed lines and units and after repairs of longer standstill times.

Easy handling
The SAFETYCHLORMIX operating principle makes the CHC granulate especially safe and easy to handle. The hypochlorite solution is produced dust-free directly in the delivery package without necessitating any human contact with the irritant substance. The hypochlorite solution is pumped from the packaging via a suction line connected to an air mixer. This produces and even and permanent supply of the solution. A large proportion of the low-soluble contents remains in the packaging so that the dosing
medium is largely free of suspended load.

A pump from the tried and tested MAGDOS series ensures precise dosing of the disinfectant in the process water. This can be controlled directly via a measurement and control application such as the TOPAX controller or a flow meter.

Safe production of the hypochlorite solution
The CHC dosing station SAFETYCHLORMIX is a new and safe unit for the production of a hypochlorite solution. The calcium hypochlorite (CHC) in accordance with DIN EN 900 (available as granulate in packages of 25 l or60 l) is  dissolved directly in the water and then led to the drinking water via a special dosing pump.

This means that the dry granulate can be stored without any restrictions.
The ready-to-dose hypochlorite solution should be used within six months.
Safe mobile emergency chlorination

SAFETYCHLORMIX – Simple & easy production of a hypochlorite solution for the disinfection of drinking water

At a glance
• Simple and safe handling of the calcium hypochlorite
• Exact chlorine concentration setting
• Low investment and space requirements
• No refilling and turning over of the packaging required
• Delivery package with 25l and 60l volumes available
• Packaging with UN approval for calcium hypochlorite
• Calcium hypochlorite of the highest quality
• Long-term storage stability
• The greatest proportion of the insoluble constituents remain in the packaging
• Only very low chlorate development, even with unfavourable storage conditions
• Complies with all the minimum requirements of the technical regulations

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