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UV Disinfection

UV Disinfection

ATG UV Technology are experts in Ultraviolet Disinfection. ATG UV deliver environmentally friendly, chemical-free UV water treatment, offering a range of flexible ultraviolet disinfection products. Flexible designs ensure atg UV can provide advanced technology solutions for both new installations and retrofits of existing units, in a range of demanding and challenging environments.

ATG deliver world-leading medium pressure and ultra-high output, low-pressure amalgam UV disinfection systems for drinking water and turn-key packaged plants for potable drinking water.

With independent third-party validated performance, UV disinfection is an accepted and widely used method for the primary disinfection products of potable drinking water.

Specialising in both ultra-compact, medium pressure (polychromatic) UV systems and ultra-high output, low pressure amalgam (monochromatic) UV systems, ATG UV design and manufacture UV disinfection systems, integrated UV plants and mobile, turn-key UV packages for some of the worlds’ largest municipal water treatment works, treating over 240 MLD (10,000 m3/hr).

UV disinfection is now a standard final treatment stage in wastewater treatment plants worldwide and is widely favoured due to its environmentally friendly, chemical-free ability to provide high-log reductions of all known micro-organisms, including chlorine resistant strains.

As growing environmental awareness and stricter regulations drive effluent discharge standards and water re-use initiatives to achieve greater performance, UV disinfection is fast becoming the treatment of choice on many wastewater streams.

UV is proven to significantly improve swimming pool water quality by breaking down problem chloramines, the cause of eye and skin irritations and protecting against harmful chlorine-resistant microorganisms such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

For operators wanting bright sparkling water, fresh clean air and residual chlorine levels as low as 0.5ppm, UV has become the treatment technology of choice worldwide for swimming pools, spas and water parks.

UV light is a chemical free treatment that cannot be overdosed, ensuring the physical characteristics of the water, such as PH levels and temperature, remain unchanged whilst avoiding the introduction of harmful toxins, such as chlorine into the environment. No micro-organism is known to be immune to

UV, it is non-selective in the destruction of all waterborne bacteria, pathogens, viruses and micro-organisms.

Specially designed and developed for food and beverage production, chemical–free ultraviolet water treatment eliminates all types of water-borne micro-organisms, including bacteria, moulds, yeasts, spores & viruses. Critically, UV treatment does not affect the organoleptic properties of water and other liquids, providing high rates of disinfection without any changes to taste, PH, texture and odour.

Water is used at some point in almost every manufacturing process worldwide. In many industrial applications, the use of chemicals such as chlorine or biocides is restricted for process reasons. UV provides a highly effective, chemical-free disinfection solution for a vast range of industrial applications.

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