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Size 3 Tibbo Project PCB (TPP3), Gen 2

Size 3 Tibbo Project PCB (TPP3), Gen 2

Size 3 Tibbo Project PCB is a Tibbo BASIC/C-programmable board belonging to the Tibbo Project System (TPS) line. The board offers substantial speed and functionality improvements over its predecessor — the original TPP3 board.


Offering 7 tiles for a total of 14 Tibbit module and 14 Tibbit connector sockets, the TPP3 can be used to create TPS configurations with up to four full serial ports, up to 25 relays, or up to 47 control lines, such as opto-inputs, PWMs, or open-collector outputs.


This product can be used as a bare board or assembled into a size 3 Tibbo Project Box (TPB3).


Size 3 Tibbo Project PCB is ideal for applications requiring no human-machine interface while calling for a significant number of I/O lines and functions. The TPP3 can be used to replace dumb PLC controllers or work as a safety, security, or access control device. The board is also ideal for factory, lab, shop, building, hotel, and home automation projects.


The TPP3 is supported by our Online Configurator. The configurator allows defining custom TPS systems, which can then be ordered from our online store.




  • High-performance ARM CPU

  • 14 module + 14 connector sockets (for a total of 47 I/O lines)

  • 10/100 Base-T Ethernet port with onboard magnetics and RJ45 jack

  • Optional Wi-Fi connectivity (with the GA1000 add-on)

  • Optional GPRS connectivity (requires Tibbit #47)

  • Onboard buzzer

  • 4-channel ADC

  • 4 synchronous serial ports with

  • SPI and I2C modes



  • 32-bit architecture

  • Powered by Tibbo OS (TiOS).

  • 10/100BaseT auto-MDIX Ethernet port with RJ45/magnetics

  • Optional Wi-Fi interface (requires the GA1000 add-on module)

  • Optional GPRS interface (requires Tibbit #47).

  • 7 tiles with 47 general-purpose I/O lines:

  • 14 sockets for Tibbit modules;

  • 14 sockets for Tibbit connectors;

  • 1 extra socket for Tibbit #37 (RF connector);

  • 4 Tibbit module sockets have UART capability:

  • Baudrates of up to 460,800bps;

  • None*/even/odd/mark/space parity modes;

  • 7* or 8 bits/character;

  • Full-duplex mode w. RTS/CTS, XON/XOFF flow control;

  • Half-duplex mode with direction control

  • Encoding/decoding of Wiegand, clock/data streams


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