Profi Bus Cables

Profi Bus is a Bus cable family facilitating interconnections for L2 BUS components.

Profi bus is a communication system standardized open global network, one of the largest installed bases in factory automation. This allows all automation devices, sensors, actuators, PLC, etc. to communicate with each other via a single bus.

Profi Bus cables Applications

Our Profi Bus cables range meets such special requirements as:

  • Standard designs for fixed installation or limited bending
  • For use in chain applications
  • HFFR (Halogen free & flame retardant)
  • Direct burial
  • Options for Railway Systems
  • Options for Food industry
  • Options for Marine and Submarine
  • Highly flexible for automation equipment
  • Quick Strip property for special stripping tool (FC cable)

Profi Bus Cables design

One 150 Ω impedance twisted pair is cabled together with filler members, overall wrapped with special PET, and overall shielded and jacketed with industrial grade compounds.

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