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Inter Bus Cables

Inter Bus Cables

Inter bus cables are designed for the requirements of high-speed control. Sensors and actuators with standard equipment on the market of automation connect. The cables offer accurate data transmissions required in demanding manufacturing environments and processes and develop as hybrid cables (data and power), as well as high mechanical tension cables, wide temperature ranges and other features they demand.

Inter Bus Cable Applications

Inter Bus cables connect sensors and actuators with all standard equipment in automation. Our product range meets such special requirements as:

Standard designs for fixed installation or limited bending used in chain applications

  • HFFR (Halogen free & flame retardant)
  • Direct burial
  • Options for Railway Systems
  • Options for Food industry
  • Options for Marine and Submarine

Inter Bus Cables design

Three 100 Ω impedance twisted pairs are cabled together with filler members, overall wrapped with special PET, overall shielded and jacketed with industrial grade compounds.

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