Pump Impellerss

Pumping aggressive media culd be prblematic especially at high temperatures. A Tantaline slutin fr pump impellers prvides many advantages as cmpared t ther specialty metal r PTFE slutins. Tantaline pump impellers allw the engineer t have extreme crrsin prtectin. The crrsin prtectin is achieved withut sacrificing the pump impellers perfrmance. Because Tantaline slutins are ally bnded t the pump impellers substrate, the tantalum metal surface will nt chip, spall r separate frm the substrate even under high RPM's.

Tantaline pump impellers slutin are extremely rugged and cmpliant and can withstand substantial abuse frm freign matter. In additin, because the Tantaline surface is cmpletely unifrm pump impellers balancing and smth peratin is easily achieved giving the pump greater life

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