Jobshop For Heat Treatment Attention

The Tantaline JobShop is custom designed equipment that requires corrosion protection beyond what stainless steel could handle. As a higher performing alternative to titanium, nickel alloys or zirconium a Tantaline JobShop solution provides the freedom to design custom parts out of standard materials like stainless steel. Tantaline provides the corrosion protection through Tantaline JobShop process.

The advantages of Tantaline JobShop are as follows:

  • All cmplex fabricatin and machining are dne n lw cst readily available materials like stainless steel.
  • Critical spares are stred in cmmn materials, keeping inventry csts dwn and n-site fr fast treatment and deliveries.
  • The Tantaline JbShp prcess is cmpletely gemetry independent and even the mst cmplex designs have the guarantee perfrmance.
  • All dimensinal tlerances are maintained in Tantaline JbShp.
  • The Tantaline JbShp prcess grws tantalum metal int the substrate creating an inseparable ally bnd that is extremely rugged and   durable and desn’t chip r spall.
  • The custm substrate will have all crrsin resistant prperties f tantalum metal, which is secnd t nne including Ti, Ni allys and Zr.
  • Lead times fr JbShp are typically 3 – 6 weeks.

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