Tantaline Technologies

Tantaline Technologies

Machined Tantalum Products

Tantaline is a leading supplier f machined tantalum products. The company has set up a new and highly efficient production unit in Scandinavia (Europe) t facilitate the production f machined tantalum products. The company offers machined tantalum products at very competitive prices and in an attractive lead-time as well. With Tantaline, customers rest assured f not having machined tantalum products' raw materials sourced from "low cost" countries. In addition, Tantaline offers highly engineered machined tantalum products and solutions. These machined tantalum products have a better material performance than expected from fabricated tantalum parts.

Machined Tantalum products from Tantaline includes:

  • Tantalum Fasteners
  • Tantalum Plate Heat Exchangers
  • Tantalum Therm Wells and sleeves
  • Tantalum Repair Kits
  • Tantalum Labratry Vessels
  • Tantalum Fittings
  • Tantalum Valves
  • Custmer Tantalum Parts Made t Drawing

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