Sunshine PCB GmbH

Sunshine PCB GmbH

Walter-Freitag-Stra├če 17, 42899 Remscheid, Germany

Standardleiterplatten- Multilayer

Standardleiterplatten- Multilayer

FR4 standard material. Composite material made of glass fiber fabric and epoxy resin fabric, different TG values. FR4 base material thicknesses: 0.1 – 3.2mm* from 3.2mm you can press them yourself, other sizes on request.

Of course, we supply all common prints such as service, strippable paints, carbon, etc.

In the mechanics, we realize the scribing or jump scribing, controlled depth milling and both deep drilling and countersinking. With our camera-controlled CNC milling machines, we produce layout-related milling contours with narrow tolerances.

Technology spectrum

• Single-sided and double-sided printed circuit boards

• Multilayer up to 16 layers, impedance manufactured and tested

• Single-sided and double-sided printed circuit boards, thick copper technology up to 210 µm

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