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Automatic KP 900 Automatic Cutting Machine Automatic

Automatic KP 900 Automatic Cutting Machine Automatic


Loading equipment

for lumber of input length according to customer requirements (3.2 m - 7.2 m)

entry table smooth steel or with rollers

AC SERVO power unit, high precision, long service life, minimal noise

linear travel of the trolley in an integrated closed profile

Continuous feed rate control of the loader 0 to 60 m / min (0 to 90 m / min)

start of loader feed - foot pedal

sufficient load capacity for heavy parts

the possibility of processing the material in a packet

measuring the length of the parts

length combination of cuts controlled according to the selected program

side inclination of the inlet table 8


saw blade 500 mm, 550 mm or 600 mm

engine power 7.5 kW

the tool cutter feed rate is continuously adjustable

upper pneumatic compression of the cut piece

lateral pneumatic compression

tolerance of max. material positioning accuracy ± 0.5 mm (option ± 0.3 mm)

touch control panel

side inclination of the table of the 8 reduction unit

Output conveyor

steel table smooth or with rollers 2 m long (or as required by the customer)

lateral tilt of the conveyor 8

Basic device features

Separate cut

Manually moving the material using two buttons or setting the length value on the control panel dial. Launching the cut using the foot flap. Usage for individual cuts.

Manual mode

Set one cut value for the entire length of input material. Launching the cuts with the foot flap. Automatic cut all material to one set value. Continuously adjustable head cuts as required by the operator. Return to the pre-set value of input material length.


The saw can be serviced by one employee, the location of the other is limited by the weight and the amount of material laid down, which the operator must manually place in the machine.

Cutting saw capacity

The production capacity is determined by the cross-sectional dimensions of the processed material, its length and the assortments produced. For the calculation, maximum feeder feed rate data can be used up to 90 m / min. and a one-cycle speed of about 2 seconds. On average, we process 20-25 m3 of pallets or 20-25 thousand pieces of cubes for pallets.

Another possible extension of the KP 900 Automat

The cutting machine can be supplemented by the handling elements on the input and output of the machine.

A cross conveyor can be used at the inlet.

A driven roller conveyor (2 m or 3 m long) with pneumatic extrusion of the packet on transverse gra

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