PC/104-Bus motion controllers

It is a state-of-the-art 1 to 4 axes PC/104-Bus motion controllers supporting multiple host connection modes and motor types. The POSYS® 1800-B supports parallel-bus via PC/104-Bus and capable of being used as a standalone controllers via serial communication RS232/485 or CAN 2.0B only supplying 5 VDC. Motor types supported are DC brushed servo, brushless servo (internal and external commutation), micro stepping and stepper motors, and each axis individually configurable. Other features are the fast servo loop update rates of 51, 2 µs/axis, 8 Mcounts/sec quadrature encoder input and on-board trace capabilities.

A new interface was added to support up to 4 axes with SSI interface by default. The on-board FPGA is also customizable to use this interface for alternative purposes. E.g. it is possible to re-configure the I/Os (please request costs) to attach bi-directional working absolute encoders like Heidenhain EnDat or BiSS aso. The use of a digital joystick or just simply increasing the number of available digital I/Os in any combination can be accomplished. These I/Os can be linked to other I/Os or to certain motion processor events to react on certain conditions.

A special feature only available at POSYS Motion Control POSYS® 1800/1900 controllers is the ability to define additional PID parameters which become active under user-configurable circumstances. The main point is to allow the controller to activate an additional set of parameters at any time without interaction by the host or host software to compensate jerk, heavy load accelerating or stiction (as on Piezo motors) and partially varying system friction due to high tolerances within the mechanics.

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