Motion Control Applications Posys-3104

It is a PC/104 form factor board dedicated to high performance motion control applications with extensive interpolation functionality. The POSYS® 3104 is designed to control up to 4 axes of servo and stepper motors and provides hardware linear, circular, Bit Pattern and continuous interpolation which allow to perform the most complex motion profiles. Update rates per axis do not exist as each axis runs in absolute real-time mode simultaneously which makes these boards to one of the best performing motion controllers for up to 4 axes in the market.

The POSYS® 3104 is a low-cost PC104 motion controller offering a wide range of possibilities. The controllers is dedicated to pulse & direction output which allows to control any type of motor provided the driver/amplifier is capable to accept pulse & direction signals. Many amplifiers on the market exist for this purpose (we supply versions from AMC) which can even be configured for either brushed or brushless servo motors.

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