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Phytron GmbH

Industriestr. 12 82194 Grbenzell, Germany

Stepper Motors

Stepper Motors

Whether vacuum, cryo environment, high temperature or under the influence of radiation - the phytron motor series are tough and do precision work, because stepper motors can position very accurately without a fragile feedback encoder.

Phytron GmbH combines the flexibility and client-specific consulting from a niche player with the efficiency and standardized quality assurance processes of series production.

Phytron’s control units perform, especially in applications that rely on very precise and smooth running behavior. We control motors in electron microscopes, accelerator experiments or also in paper production machines - with up to 1/512 step (102 400 positions per revolution with a 200 step motor). From the power amplifier to the modular, cost-effective multi-axis system we offer the right control concept for your requirements.

Phytron’s stepper motors are the result of more than 30 years of experience in space technology. The specially designed two phase, hybrid stepper motors can be used in vacuum environments up to 10-11 hPa. They are optimal for extraordinary environments such as deep and high temperatures or extreme radiation intensity.

Technical Details

  • » high vacuum up to 10-7 hPa / ultra high vacuum up to 10-11 hPa
  • » winding temperature range from 77K (-196 °C; N2) / 4K (-269 °C; He)to +300 °C
  • » radiation resistance up to 106 J/kg
  • » holding torques from 3.4 mNm to 9.9 Nm
  • » diameters 19 to 80 mm
  • » full steps per rev./step angle: 500 (0.72°), 200 (1.8°), 72 (5°)


    Gear (e.g. low-backlash planetary gear), coupling, 2nd shaft, temperature sensor, radiation resistance, customized designs.

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