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PhyMOTION Controller

Phytron's phyMOTION™ is a modular, freely programmable motion controller for stepper motor applications – from CPU to power stage. With the driving performance of a CNC (linear / circular interpolation), the versatility of a PLC (I/O, modularity, fieldbus interfaces) and phytron’s high precision power stage technology for stepper motors, the phyMOTION™ is the ideal controller for stepper motor driven multi-axis platforms in machine building, special engineering and plant automation.

Equip every axis individually:

Whatever a stepper motor application requires, besides integrating power stages up to 300 W / axis (5A, 70V), the phyMOTIONT comes with the option to connect more powerful external amplifiers. If it's the housing (bench, rack, rail mounted), a touch screen display, limit and position switches, Endat, SSI or quadrature Encoder evaluation, motor temperature readout (K type or PT100 platinum sensor), I/O (analogue, digital) or host interfaces (Ethernet, RS485, RS232, Profinet, Profibus, CAN) - in addition to these standard components phytron offers the option to integrate customised modules into the system.

The use of our communication protocol is free of any licensing costs and even the development environment phyLOGICTM Toolbox can be downloaded for free.

The phyMOTION™ operates close to the application with CNC-like performance and reacts faster to switch states than customary cycle-based PLCs. The phyMOTION™ is well-equipped for versatile requirements. The programmable motion controller is capable of most diverse division of tasks between phyMOTION™ and the surrounding infrastructure. Whether as a subordinate to a PLC, a decentralised, supporting intelligence, a coordinating stand-alone solution or directly connected to a PC, the phyMOTION™ is capable of comprehensively supplementing a PLC for nearly every stepper motor application. phyMOTION™ - empowering your application.

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