Phytron GmbH

Phytron GmbH

Industriestr. 12 82194 Grbenzell, Germany

AboutPhytron GmbH

Established in 1947, Phytron GmbH is a leading manufacturer in the industry of stepper motors and control devices. Being a customer-oriented high-technology company certified to ISO 9001 and EN13485. Phytron-Elektronik has the process know-how of more than 300 stepper motors in space operations for the successful development of demanding applications.

Stepper motor controllers and power stages

Phytron’s control units perform, especially in applications that rely on very precise and smooth running behavior. We control motors in electron microscopes, accelerator experiments or also in paper production machines - with up to 1/512 step (102 400 positions per revolution with a 200 step motor). From the power amplifier to the modular, cost-effective multi-axis system we offer the right control concept for your requirements.