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SP920s-1550 Beam Profiling Camera

SP920s-1550 Beam Profiling Camera

SP920s-1550 Beam Profiling Camera

USB 3.0 Phosphor Coated Silicon CCD High Resolution Camera with BeamGage


The phosphor-coated SP920s camera accurately captures and analyzes wavelengths from 1440nm - 1605nm with improved accuracy in the NIR. It features a compact design, wide dynamic range, excellent signal to noise ratio, and built-in pre-triggering circuitry that makes it ideal for measuring CW and pulsed laser profiles or for telecom mode field analysis.

  • 5.3mm x 7.1mm active area with an effective 60µm pixel pitch
  • 15 fps at full resolution
  • BeamGage Standard or Professional software included


Optical Camera Trigger

The Optical Camera Trigger is an optical sensor that detects pulsed light sources and generates outputs to trigger a camera. The front aperture of the Optical Trigger must be directed at a light source that provides the necessary properties for trigger activation. (e.g. a laser flash lamp, a pick-off source from the main laser beam, or similar).

C-Mount Neutral Density (ND) Filters

The individual filters come in three versions, the ND1 filter in the

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