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SP932U Beam Profiling Camera

SP932U Beam Profiling Camera

SP932U Beam Profiling Camera

USB 3.0 Silicon CMOS High Resolution Camera with BeamGage


USB 3.0 Global Shutter CMOS, high resolution Camera, with improved accuracy, especially at popular NIR and Nd:YAG wavelengths with BeamGage new "Blooming Correction" Algorithm. Compact, square design to increase setup versatility

  • 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution with a 3.45 µm pixel pitch
  • 24 fps at full resolution
  • New "Blooming Correction" algorithm at NIR and no smearing
  • BeamGage Standard or Professional software included
  • Requires Win 10, 64 bit or higher


Customers that purchase the above items also consider the following items:

Optical Camera Trigger

The Optical Camera Trigger is an optical sensor that detects pulsed light sources and generates outputs to trigger a camera. The front aperture of the Optical Trigger must be directed at a light source that provides the necessary properties for trigger activation. (e.g. a laser flash lamp, a pick-off source from the main laser beam, or similar).

C-Mount Neutral Density (ND) Filters

The individual filters come in three versions, the ND1 filter in the

LBS-300s Attenuator

The LBS-300s beam splitter attachment for C-mount, CS-mount, or Ophir mount cameras allow you to measure laser beams with diameters up to 15mm and powers ranging from 10mW to ~400W(1). The beam sampler is designed so that the preferential polarization selection effect of a single wedge is cancelled out and the resulting beam image is polarization


When direct imaging in front of the camera, like imaging an image projected onto a defusing surface, like a ground glass plate, it is necessary to reduce the image so that it completely fits onto the CCD chip surface. The 25mm and 50mm CCTV lenses image an object from a given plane in front of the lens onto the CCD while reducing the size.

Camera Near Field Profiler

Near field profiling can also be used with camera profilers to analyze small beams, and involves a microscope objective lens to image the beam onto a camera detector array. This technique expands the measurement range of the camera to include smaller beams, which could not be ordinarily measured due to the pixel size of the detector array. Near

4X Beam Reducer

The 4X Beam Reducer is an imaging system that images the plane 30cm in front of the reducer onto the camera CCD sensor while reducing the size 4 times and inverting it. The beam reducer uses the 3 screw on attenuators provided with the camera. Since the intensity of a beam after reduction will be increased by 4x4=16 times.

4X UV Image Reducing Converter

The UV image converters are fluorescent plates that convert UV radiation that is poorly imaged by silicon cameras into visible light that is then imaged onto the CCD of the camera. These fluorescent plates are specially designed for UV conversion and have a high light output, wide linear dynamic range and high damage threshold.

4X Beam Expander

Beam expanders are designed to work with C-mount threaded cameras that have 4.5mm imager back focal spacing or with CS (12.5mm) back focal spacing. The 4X beam expander is an expanding telescope that images the beam as it looks at 8mm from the end of the expander onto the CCD while enlarging the image 4X.

Microscope Objectives

Microscope objectives are available for expanding the beam even more. There are objectives for 6X, 12X, and 22X expansion. The various expanders allow the use of our 2% and 10% filters as well as the variable attenuator so as to accommodate the camera to a wide range of source intensities.

Stackable Prism Front-Surface Beam Samplers

The Prism Front-Surface Beam Sampler (PFSA) is a C-mount fixture housing a UV-Grade Fused Silica right angle prism, used for sampling the front surface reflection for high power/energy beam-profiling applications. Reflection at nominal incidence of 45°is polarization and wavelength dependent, with 532nm s-polarization reflected at 8.27%, and p

Stackable Beam Splitters

The stackable beam splitters are designed for maximum modularity and shortest beam path. They are compatible with almost all of our cameras having the standard C mount thread and can mount either to other attenuators or to the camera itself.

Beam Tap I & II

Laser beam attenuation while reducing polarization with broadband and YAG wavelength beam sampling.


UV-VIS-NIR (350-1100nm) Wavelengths Attenuation by accompanied ND filters (ND1 and ND3) Operates with Ophir standard SP932U camera (purchased separately)

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