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NanoCD Suite

NanoCD Suite

Complete Turn-Key Fabwide OCD Solution

Designed around the powerful NanoDiffract software, the NanoCD Suite optimizes the full capability and connectivity of Nanometrics’ Atlas and IMPULSE systems for optical critical dimension (OCD) metrology. NanoCD offers industry-proven modeling methods, as well as next-generation real-time regression capability, comprehensive offline sensitivity analysis tools and comprehensive GUI and structure input for true multi-variant modeling. The NanoDiffract software delivers these advanced capabilities in intuitive and easy to deploy hardware form factors.

Each NanoCD component extends seamless OCD capabilities to Nanometrics' standalone and integrated metrology systems with recipe support and development on the NanoStation and NanoGen systems that quickly communicate solutions to the NanoMatch run-time accelerator integrated within the production tool.

Nanometrics' NanoCD Suite is composed of four key components for OCD metrology solutions:

  • NanoDiffract – OCD modeling and analysis software;

  • NanoStation – Desktop system used for offline recipe development and data analysis;

  • NanoGen – Server-based, real-time regression solution and analysis;

  • NanoMatch – High power computing system incorporated within the Atlas or 9010 metrology system for real-time analysis

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