Railway DC DC Power Converters

This vacuum encapsulated Railway DC DC Power Converters series PMDS/PCMDS30 are especially designed as decentralised power supply for industrial applications and railway vehicles. These 30 W Railway DC DC Power Converters operate according to the current source push-pull principle and working with a frequency of 70/140 kHz.

Advantages of this switching topology are the wide input voltages with constant efficiency, transformer with good coupling and low leakage inductance, at the same time usable for direct control of the secondary synchronously detection. The PMDS/PCMDS30 cover an input voltage of 14.4…154 VDC with only two different nominal voltages (24/110 VDC). They are available with output voltages of 5.1, 12, 24 or 48 VDC.

Further features are reverse polarity protection in connection with an active input current limiting. Depending on the application the converters are available either for print (110 x 80 x 27,5 mm) or chassis mounting (110 x 80 x 25,5 mm).

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