Industrial DC-DC Converters

Compact, encapsulated Industrial DC-DC Converters with 60 W, 80 W and 150 W output power are designed for vehicle and rail technology, as well as industrial and telecommunications sectors. They operate according to the push-pull principle; i.e. the input dc-voltage is chopped by two push-pull working transistors with a frequency of approximately 70kHz. With the help of a transformer and a secondary linear choke, a galvanically isolated output voltage of 5 V – 48 V is produced which is adjusted by pulse-width modulation according to the current mode principle. The converters are available with a wide input range for battery voltages of 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 80, 96 and 110 V. They need no ground load and are short-circuit protected by primary and secondary power limiting. The thermoselective vacuum encapsulation guarantees homogeneous heat dissipation in addition to high resistance to environmental factors including shock, vibration and humidity.

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