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C.P. Sentinel Aqua-Line Air Series

C.P. Sentinel Aqua-Line Air Series

This series of air-cooled rectifier stands as a “sentinel” to guard your assets from corrosion and ensure the operator selected output level is maintained. Our C.P. Sentinel Aqua-line Air Series rectifier was developed specifically for the water/waste water market and designed to meet the requirements of the American Water Works Association Standard D104-97. For water, waste water or other applications where precise and stable control of the “IR-Drop Free” structure to reference electrode potential is required, the C.P. Sentinel Aqua-Line series is the one for you.

  • The standard C.P. Sentinel Aqua-line Air Series enclosure is constructed from white fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) that is UV stabilized and conforms to a Type 4X rating. This series has a very limited variety of alternate enclosure materials and finishes available (including uncoated Type 316 stainless steel and white powder coated marine grade aluminum).

  • The C.P. Sentinel Aqua-line Air Series allows access to the internal components of the rectifier via a single front hinged door on the standard enclosure. The rectifier components are assembled onto a single removable chassis panel type assembly. A “touch safe” hinged instrument panel separates the operator from all “live” electrical components within the enclosure.

  • This series is typically limited to single-phase AC inputs of 110-120 volts, DC output voltages of 30 volts maximum and DC output currents of 16 amperes maximum.

  • The C.P. Sentinel Aqua-line Air Series rectifier utilizes our revolutionary Sentry controller to automatically adjust the rectifier DC output to maintain the structure to reference electrode potential selected by the operator. As this series is designed for “IR-Drop Free” potential control, the Sentry controller minimizes the IR drop error in the potential measurement by taking the measurement when there is no rectifier current flow in the anode to structure circuit. In addition to the potential control mode, alternate modes of automatic operation included with this series are constant current control and constant voltage control. The Sentry controller provides near infinite output adjustment steps, exceptional output stability (within +/- 5 millivolts of the selected potential set point and +/- 2% of the selected current or voltage set point) and reference electrode input impedance of > 20 megaaohms.

  • This rectifier series also includes 25 steps (5-Coarse and 5-Fine) of “manual” transformer tap terminal block output adjustment that can be selected via the flip of a switch.

  • The Sentry controller also includes a ‘Loss-of-Reference” shut down feature, which ensures that, should the reference electrode connection or the reference electrode itself fail, the DC output of the rectifier will not increase to maximum to try to restore the selected structure to reference electrode potential level. Instead, the Sentry controller will turn off the DC output until the reference electrode input issue is corrected. This ‘Loss-of-Reference” shut down feature will prevent the possibility of a coating failure that can be caused when excessive Cathodic protection levels are applied to well coated structures.

  • The C.P. Sentinel Aqua-Line Air Series includes three digital LED type meters with an “OFF-ON” switch for monitoring of the DC output voltage, DC output current and the structure to reference electrode potential. ***Note: For the benefit of the operator, the potential meter will display the “IR-Drop Free” potential, not the “ON” potential.

  • High energy surge/lightning protection devices come as a standard feature on the AC input and the DC output of all C.P. Sentinel Aqua-Line Air Series rectifiers. These provide excellent protection for all but the most extreme surge and lightning prone areas. Should the application require even more advanced surge protection, other optional devices can be made available as well.

  • For those applications where optional features will be beneficial, the C.P. Sentinel Aqua-Line Air Series has a limited number of optional features that can be incorporated. Some common optional features available with this series are operational status alarms and an extra positive DC output circuit.

The external interruption of the CP Sentinel Aqua-Line rectifiers is not recommended. To ensure proper “IR-Drop Free” control, the rectifier controller cannot be impeded by external interruption cycles.

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