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Benchmark Air Series

Benchmark Air Series

This series of air-cooled rectifier is the “benchmark” for a basic Cathodic Protection system. Where economy of price and space is a concern, the Benchmark series is the one for you.

  • The standard Benchmark Air Series enclosure is constructed from 14 gauge mill-galvanized steel with a white fusion bond polyester powder coating and conforms to a Type 3R rating. This series has a very limited variety of alternate enclosure materials and finishes available.

  • The Benchmark Air Series allows access to the internal components of the rectifier via a single front hinged door on the standard enclosure. The rectifier components are assembled onto a single removable chassis panel type assembly.

  • As the required AC input voltage and DC output voltage and current ratings can vary widely based on the geographic region and application, the Benchmark Air Series has the flexibility to meet many requirements. However, this series is primarily limited to single-phase AC inputs and lower DC output ratings (generally a maximum 100 volts / 34 amperes / 2250 watts).

  • The standard Benchmark Air Series rectifier is designed with 25 steps (5-Coarse and 5-Fine) of transformer tap terminal block output. However, for those situations where the application requires more precise adjustment, some additional tap steps can be provided with this series to meet the specific application requirements. Available options for this may be 30, 36 or 42 steps. Near infinite output adjustment via a variable type transformer may also be available.

  • The Benchmark Air Series includes a single, dual scale meter with a “momentary on” type selector switch for monitoring of the DC output voltage and current.

  • Medium energy surge/lightning protection devices come as a standard feature on the AC input and the DC output of all Benchmark Air Series rectifiers. However, if the rectifier will be used in an area that is prone to surges and lightning, the standard protection devices can be upgraded to higher energy types.

  • For those applications where optional features will be beneficial, the Benchmark Air Series has a variety of useful optional features that can be incorporated. Some common optional features that, if ordered with the rectifier, can save our clients valuable field time include operational status alarms, built-in GPS synchronous DC output interruption and remote monitoring equipment.

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