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Advantage Oil Series

Advantage Oil Series

This series of oil-cooled rectifier has the “advantage” of being widely customizable to meet a broad range of client requirements. This series of oil-cooled rectifiers is typically used in applications where vented (air-cooled) enclosures are not suitable; such as harsh environments (desert, off shore), atmospherically aggressive environments (refineries) and/or classified areas (hazardous/explosive).

The standard Advantage Oil Series enclosure is constructed from 12 gauge mill-galvanized steel with a white fusion bond polyester powder coating and conforms to a Type 4 rating. Recommended alternate enclosure materials and finishes are available including 11 gauge hot-dipped galvanized types. Optional instrument end-housing enclosures are also available.

The Advantage Oil Series allows access to the internal components of the rectifier via a single top hinged lid on the standard enclosure. The rectifier components are assembled onto a single removable frame type assembly and the rectifier bridge specific components are assembled onto a separate frame that can be removed independent of the main frame if required. All major heat generating components are submersed below the oil level in the enclosure.

As the required AC input voltage and DC output voltage and current ratings can vary widely based on the geographic region and application, the Advantage Oil Series has the flexibility to meet the majority of requirements.

The standard Advantage Oil Series rectifier is designed with 25 steps (5-Coarse and 5-Fine) of transformer tap link bar type output adjustment. However, for those situations where the application requires more precise adjustment, additional tap steps can be provided with this series to meet the specific application requirements. Available options for this are 30, 36, 42 or 64 steps.

The Advantage Oil Series includes two continuous reading meters for monitoring of the DC output voltage and current. These meters can be mounted within the main oil filled enclosure (above the oil level) or inside the optional instrument end-housing enclosure (to limit entry into the oil filled enclosure to output adjustment requirements only).

High energy surge/lightning protection devices come as a standard feature on the AC input and the DC output of all Advantage Oil Series rectifiers. These provide excellent protection for all but the most extreme surge and lightning prone areas. Should the application require even more advanced surge protection, other optional devices can be made available as well.

For those applications where optional features will be beneficial, the Advantage Oil Series has a wide variety of useful optional features that can be incorporated. Some common optional features that, if ordered with the rectifier, can save our clients valuable field time include operational status alarms, built-in GPS synchronous DC output interruption and remote monitoring equipment.

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