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Continuous side sealer Experience IS 350 BM

Continuous side sealer Experience IS 350 BM

Continuous side sealer Experience IS 350 BM

A new packaging system that combines a new design, knowledge and experience in the field of Packaging from the technical field to that of the food.

The continuous side welding machine, Experience IS 350 BM is equipped with a unique packaging system of its kind, ideal for a wide range of products with various sizes and shapes up to a maximum height of 350 mm.

It's an automatic packaging machine, driven by brushless engines, which allows reaching high production performance. With the revolutionary technology Box motion, meets modern standards for reducing the shrink film consumption. Actuated by mechanical controls and with an efficient electronic management, it ensures high productivity and durability. These new technical solutions, allow to reduce the costs and the environmental effects caused by the consumption of plastics. Ideal for small spaces thanks to its reduced dimensions.

It can work with all types of film: polyolefin, polyethylene, polypropylene, biodegradable films.



3,5 Kw


220 V 50 Hz 1 Ph + N + T


2232 mm


1400 mm


990 mm


1000 kg


70 - 120

Product dimensions

W: da 30 a 250 mm / H: DA 10 A 200 mm / L: INFINITA


  • Belt speed: 6 to 30 m / min.
  • Sealing bar width: 350 mm
  • Infinite length
  • Reel of film (centerfolded):
  • MAX. 450 mm Width
  • Diameter 350 mm
  • Power supply: 230 V 50 Hz 1 Ph + N + T
  • Installed power: 3 Kw
  • Working plane: 900 mm +/- 50 mm
  • Overall dimensions: 2232 mm x 990 mm x H 1400 +/- 100 mm
  • Net weight: 1,000 kg
  • Mechanical speed up to 9,000 products / hour.
  • Functions controled by PLC and operator panel MITSUBISHI
  • Touch Screen Mitsubishi
  • Reel unwinding unit and scrap unwinding unit placed in a front position , for a Simple Film Reel change .
  • Photocells on the horizontal and vertical direction that allow a perfect reading of any product in function of its format.
  • Filling control of the scrap with automatic winding and consequent cycle arrest.
  • Height setting with motorized axis controlled by PLC.
  • Width setting trough sliding guides, adjustable by handle for a rapid execution of the format change.
  • Remote Control


Polypropylene, Polyolefin, Polythene, Biodegradable


Pneumatic power: 6 bar constant and dehumidified
Compressed air consumption: 1 N / l per day


  • Electronic System Allen Bradley or Siemens
  • Additional sealing bar's height up to 300 mm
  • Sealing bar for polythene up to 100 microns
  • Stainless Steel Version
  • Machine on the left / right
  • Photocell with cross rays
  • Reading mark Photocell
  • Center folding unit
  • Special welding systems
  • Customized systems for product's loading / unloading
  • Labeling / Printing systems
  • Strippers, pushers and other accessories
  • Additional customized solutions can be studied together with our STAFF according to industry needs.


  • Ease of use
  • Systems for working different materials
  • Reel loading in a frontal position
  • Easy and intuitive format change  
  • Mechanic welder
  • Durability
  • Ability to store up to 50 recipes
  • Reduced Overall dimensions
  • Working with a single operator

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