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Embedded BIOS UEFI Platforms

Embedded BIOS UEFI Platforms

Embedded BIOS UEFI platforms are designed taking BIOS/UEFI functionalities taken into account. Because these embedded BIOS UEFI platforms require more than the standard functionality of an office computer. Based on our large amount of BIOS and UEFI experience, we have implemented the embedded requirements into our powerful congatec BIOS / UEFI platform.

Congatec Board Controller

An onboard micro controller fully isolates some of the embedded features, such as system monitoring or the I²C bus, from the x86 core architecture. This results in higher embedded feature performance and higher overall system reliability.

Optimized Power Management

ACPI Power Management and System Configuration are supported by the Congatec BIOS / UEFI according to the ACPI specification.

Multi Stage Watchdog Timer

All Congatec modules are equipped with a multi stage watchdog timer supporting different events such as ACPI event, NMI, hardware reset or power button. It can either assert a single event and /or any combination of these events.

Post Code Redirection

The BIOS Port 80h outputs can be forwarded to the I2C bus, the SMBus or to the UART. This allows for better in-system debugging

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