PS Mobile Signal Repeater

PS Mobile Signal Repeater is the plug & Play answer to indoor coverage needs. This PS Mobile Signal Repeater is Coiler’s Interference Cancellation System (ICS) repeater for smaller indoor environments such as offices and homes. PS Mobile Signal Repeater installation will be simple as plugging as it contains built-in donor and service antennas. Its intuitive LED indicators allow even the most non-technical user to easily install the unit in the best location for optimal performance.

Simple and complete, the PS Digital ICS repeater is a unique offering for mobile carriers to instantly solve their customers’ 3G/4G network coverage problems.

Specification highlights:

  • Gain: 70dB
  • Output power (UL/DL): +13dBm/+10dBm
  • Customizable frequency & bandwidth
  • Built-in service and donor antennas with couple port for additional external antenna(s)
  • Exceptional isolation with ICS and AGA
  • Complete network safety with AID, ASD, ATO and AGC
  • LED display of RSSI level and key alarms
  • Complete “ready to install” package

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