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MB T2 Mobile Signal Repeaters

The MB T2 Mobile Repeater is an intelligent solution for high density in-building traffic. Discover Coiler's new and improved high-powered answer to in-building GSM/WCDMA/LTE coverage problems, the MB T2! The MB T2 is now LTE-compatible, and offers ultra-fast IP communication with Coiler’s NMS Infinity management system as well as wireless connectivity to OMTapp via Bluetooth. The cumbersome form of the previous MB repeater has been replaced with a sleek and trendy design, making it simpler to install and more pleasing to the eye. The MB T2 Mobile Repeater is powerful, versatile and designed for network safety.

The MB T2 Mobile Repeater is the perfect solution for operators looking to extend in-building coverage of their GSM/WCDMA/LTE networks.

Specification highlights:

  • Gain: 80dB
  • Output power (UL/DL): +23dBm
  • Customizable frequency & bandwidth
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Smart installation with Coiler’s Intelligent Automatic Gain Control
  • Complete network safety with AID, ASD, ATO and AGC
  • LED display of RSSI level and key alarms
  • Remote management and site survey capability (optional)

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